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Our company is composed of a team of committed, enthusiastic, and superbly trained sales people with a tightly focused marketing objective to produce uncommonly superior sales results along with satisfied customers. The Glenair Central team firmly believes that we offer a distinct advantage to our customers.

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History of Trice Marketing
(The Recognized InterConnect Experts)

The strong synergy between Glenair and Trice Marketing dates back to the very genesis of the company. Founded in 1986 by Chuck Pearson, Trice began in Irving, Texas with Glenair as its cornerstone product line. Greg Goble, our current owner, joined Chuck, day one, as a Sales Engineer following five plus years in the Aerospace Industry including spending four of the those years at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, now Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

In 1987, Glenair’s then Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, John Merrill, retired from Glenair moved to Texas & succeeded Chuck as majority owner with Greg becoming a minority owner. Then in 1995, John retired from Trice, after many years of service in the Aerospace Industry and Greg became sole proprietor of our organization. Seeing the long-term benefit of a Glenair partnership, Greg joined forces exclusively with Glenair in 2006, with the company becoming known as The Glenair Sales Group – South Central to service and market its broad product offering to the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana marketplace.

By mid-2010, The Glenair Sales Group – South Central’s positive growth mirroring that of Glenair Inc., once again prospered. Our team consisted beforehand of 5 outside sales engineers and 2 inside sales people located at both our corporate office in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex as well as our South Texas office based in Houston. Glenair once more approached our group with an offer to grant an addition to our exclusive territory by including the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri to our sales responsibilities. As a result we initially added 2 sales people and by mid-2011 a third experienced sales person had joined. Again in 2012, our team grew with the addition of another salesperson with years of prior Glenair sales experience bringing the total to 9 outside sales engineers. Since the 2010 expansion to include the Mid-Central US our name has evolved to Glenair Central Sales Group.