Solutions Showcase

The Glenair Sales Group Central is ready to share with our customers many of the unique solutions that only Glenair can offer. Many of these solutions are the direct result of our being a fully vertically integrated company with in-house capabilities allowing us to meet our commitments to customers at higher rate than our competitors.


STAR-PAN™ VI Multiport USB Data / Power Hub

STAR-PAN™ Integrated Soldier Multiport USB Data Hub / Power Distribution Systems. Personal Area Network (PAN) hub and interconnect systems providing network data access, peripheral connectivity and smart battery power management.



Hermetic Connectors (including Quadrax) manufactured on-site at Glenair including QPL’d product for all four series of 38999 connectors

Vertically Integrated


Glenair’s 100% inhouse capability to manufacture filtered connectors combined with machining capacity ensures the right solution each time

Custom Products


Glenair by being its own source at a component level is able to provide customers with the exact product needed for their design